Interesting Read on Managing Teams

Probably the most important component of any organization is the concept of “teams”.

In my opinion, a team is so much more that a random group of individuals thrown together to accomplish some task, but more a collection of individuals that have developed mutual respect for each other’s abilities and are also keenly aware of each other’s weaknesses.

A “group” will eventually get things done (or not!), while a “team” is capable of producing deliverables that are of a higher quality and greater than each individual is capable of.

If you have even been on a team, I expect that the feelings one may experience in going back into a group may include a sense of loss, some resentment at losing the team experience, and a need to belong to a team again. I for one have been extremely fortunate to have been on many teams during my career that has resulted in higher job satisfaction and sense of self esteem than simply being a member of some of the many groups. Teams are much more rewarding.

A corporation, whether public or private, gains many tangible and non-tangible benefits by encouraging the creation and support of teams.

The building and support of teams within an organization begins with a corporate culture that simply not only offers platitudes about the importance of teams, but actively manages their resource to let teams develop and thrive.

I found an interesting article titled Demoralize Your Teams Quickly And Efficiently With Micromanagement. It is unfortunate and extremely saddening that this management style is so persuasive in many organizations.



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